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I think I needed the word "vomit draft" in my head, to give me permission to rush some things (a lesson I learned from NaNoWriMo that apparently didn't jump from stories to scripts). I've sorta been editing my concept to death, starting over too much and a good vomit is probably just what the doctor ordered.

Also, rough draft or not I loved the script. Been rewatching a lot of 30 Rock lately so it was hard not to hear Dr. Spaceman's voice for some of those lines.

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Also, you've talked about brainstorm and vomit drafts. But I feel like I've mostly been vomit drafting while brainstorming, thinking about a good beat or joke on the spot. In fact I first tried to brainstorm after your last post. It went well but I feel like the idea I had lent itself to brainstorming.

Is brainstorming as a single step really necessary ? Do you always do it ? Should I always try to do it in order to maximize the quality of my work ?

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I'm pretty relieved to find out that the darfts I've been writing are similar to me than the rough draft you've shared today.

Which leaves me bewildered : if this is your rough draft, how can it then be improved to the level of what you've shown us before ? I feel like, with remarks I've gathered on my rough drafts, I couldn't do major changes. I fear that the quality I have at the rough draft stage is near what I can do best with those.

With the two states of the Tide CEO sketch, I got it. The golden nugget was by the end. I bet I would have catched it if someone asked me to review the rough draft. It's almost not applicable to other drafts, being so clear and all.

I guess a broader question is : when can I hope that I can majorly improve the quality of my sketch after the rough draft ? Can I do it without professionnal writers feedback ?

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Unrelated to the process: reading this and also seeing your tweets made me worry; hope you are doing ok Mike.

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Mar 21, 2022·edited Mar 21, 2022

The rhyming made me smile every time and really sold the world, also the break in the pattern of "all our trolls are busy at the moment. Please be patient. We hope you die" made me laugh the most.

Something about the end and the frustrations the patient had during the repeated we hope you die felt off.... Jeff knows this is how it works and while I want to yell at the people who manage my insurance it's tough knowing they are people too or (sometimes on weekends) working through a language gap.

I think the doctors genuine care is important to why we believe in this system and something missing might be the idea from your brainstorming of the troll thinks they're helping. The we hope you die is really funny, and creates a great disconnect; an idea might be for the patient or another patient to be like "well they say I hope you die, but that's just how a troll shows he cares"

after all the healthcare system wouldn't saddle itself to something inhuman and destructive to life if they didn't care about you.... It couldn't be for something like profit.

..... I feel weird offering advice or opinions up the chain since you're imparting sweet knowledge nuggets to us, but thought it might be helpful and I might learn more from it.

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This is so helpful! The tips in the beginning are great, but watching them play out through the new sketch helps so much.

And I can't wait to share the term "vomit draft" with all my friends, they're gonna love me.

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Hi Mike Trapp! I didn't know where to ask a general question so I put it here. But, if there is a better place, please let me know! I have been loving these. I was wondering if you have advice or thoughts on developing solo sketch? I am most interested in using sketch elements in a solo performance.

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